Main – #1

We improve the lives of older adults and their caregivers.

Our History – #2

We wanted a way to create awesome experiences for older adults.

Mission Moments – #3

We live out our mission by providing caregiver education, meaningful gifts, life experiences and travel opportunities.

Donate – #4

Together we can make a difference.

Nominate – #5

Know an aging adult in need? We’d love to help!

Golf – #6

Join us for our 3rd Annual Golf Tournament!

Board of Directors – #7

We’re ready to assist however we can.

Our Mission:

To improve the quality of life for older adults
and their caregivers.

Our Promise:

The Hillcrest Foundation strives to empower caregivers
with education about the care of older adults as well as
provide meaningful gifts, life experiences and travel opportunities to support older adults.
Caregiver Education

-Providing diabetes education
-Attending an Alzheimer’s caregiver conference
-Providing one-on-one education on how to care for your loved one at home

Meaningful Gifts

-Providing hearing aids
-Installing a wheelchair ramp or making a restroom handicap accessible
-Providing a lift chair, scooter or hospital bed

Life Experiences

-Providing virtual reality to “visit” a foreign country
-Organizing a visit with a hospice patient’s favorite celebrity
-Riding on a horse or motorcycle
-Attending a sporting event

Travel Opportunities

-Visiting someone’s birthplace
-Taking a trip to the ocean
-Going on a cruise
-Visiting a national park
-Taking a mission trip or pilgrimage