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C. was living with his sister prior to being admitted to the hospital for acute respiratory failure and COVID-19. His bed had to be removed from his home as it was in very poor condition and disrepair. The Hillcrest Foundation purchased C. a brand new bed so that he could safely and comfortably transition back home. His gratitude was evident in his ear-to-ear grin when presented with this gift.

E. is 100 years old! She lives alone in a trailer on a very small monthly income but enjoys living independently in her own home. Because of her challenges getting up and off the commode, she started going outside so she could urinate while standing up. With the simple gift of a toilet riser (which she couldn’t afford) she now safely uses the restroom in her home again.

K. lives in a facility that is not pet friendly, and she has always loved cats. Since her move she has been extremely lonely and recently lost a friend. Her family thought an animatronic cat might help her with her loneliness, but they did not have the financial means to purchase one. The Foundation purchased K. a cat, and she instantly fell in love with it!

M. was a hospice patient who, as she declined, mentioned to her family how much she would love to have one final Christmas with them since it was her favorite holiday. The Hillcrest Foundation went all out to prepare a full Christmas dinner in October with all of the trimmings, plus a tree with decorations and gifts for everyone, including the family puppy. Unfortunately, M. passed away the night before her Christmas dinner, but the family was beyond grateful to enjoy a meal in her honor and to have gifts from her under the tree despite her passing.

In need of a new chair, the Hillcrest Foundation gifted a lift chair to L.

“This chair is much nicer than the one she had, and she’s 92 so we don’t know how much longer she’ll be with us. She’s getting so frail and weak, but hoping she’ll live to be 100 and this new chair should last her well.”- Linda L.’s daughter

L. was a hospice patient who was requesting a spa day. The Foundation sent a hairdresser to her home to color, cut and style her hair, then sent a nail tech who gave her and her daughter a manicure together. L. passed shortly after her spa day.

“Mama went home yesterday early morning. She looked so beautiful.” -Nicky, L.’s daughter

C. is eccentric and young at heart! She lives at home with her pets and occasionally receives visits from caregivers. She is nearly blind and has chronic pain in one arm, which makes it difficult to manage her physical needs. She wants to stay at home for as long as possible so she can care for her animals, though she has very limited funds and resources. To help make this wish possible, the Hillcrest Foundation gifted her an automatic lift chair to help prevent further pain and damage to her arm and to make it easier to meet her physical needs.